Scrolling through instagram for inspiration and keeping up with emerging trends is part and parcel of my work. But most of the time, honestly, it just doesn't feel like work at all. It's a fix, as good as a chocolate bar with a cup of tea (this often happens at the same time as a good scrolling session)

IMAGE CREDIT | kronofoto

IMAGE CREDIT | kronofoto

I've been curating the hashtag #peasshotoftheday for a while now, it's a way for me to collect homestyle ideas and snippets of rooms that inspire me.  Sharing these images on my feed has been a wonderful way to connect with like minded interiors addicts and engaging with you by opening up a conversation. 

IMAGE CREDIT | scovbon

IMAGE CREDIT | scovbon

I started the hashtag and still do, simply to share rooms that I love, and looking back through them, it's clear that I have a signature style. It seems to be a mixture of "Natural, Minimal, Simple, Scandi and simple tones" it's one thing naming a style and putting it into words, but just browsing through the collection will give you a much better picture of my influences and style.

IMAGE CREDIT | Stylizimoblog

IMAGE CREDIT | Stylizimoblog

So join in with #peasshotoftheday over on my instagram feed for regular homestyle inspiration. Let me know what you think, come and have a chat.



Need some help styling your place? Get in touch and let us create your very own mood board to help you pull a scheme together with our Styling and Interior Design Service. We work on residential and commercial properties. For more information drop me a line info@peastyle.co.uk I'd love to hear from you.

Outdoor Living

The sounds and smells of summer ..... ahh, it's what I live for all year round. It's finally the month of July and summer has arrived!

An outdoor living space is so important to me, somewhere to shade from the heat of the mid-day sun and a space to relax on those balmy evenings, watching the sun set and listening to the birds sing, Bliss!

IMAGE CREDIT |  Nina Holst


A low maintenance decked area is an ideal way to enjoy that spur of the moment flop in the garden (without the guilt of not having dusted off the lawn mower in the last 2 weeks!) This really IS an outdoor living space, with sumptuous cushions, throws and cozy lighting. Try these cafe style festoon lights from the peastyle collection to add that cool vibe to your outdoor haven.

IMAGE CREDIT |  Thomas J Story

IMAGE CREDIT | Thomas J Story

Adding some cushions to an outdoor sofa is just the ultimate in luxe living. I know, I know! we in the UK are not blessed with long spells of sunshine, so we need to keep traipsing back and fore to the shed to put them away, oh but when they are out and you can rest your weary head on some cushion-idge - it really is just dreamy. I love the mix of rustic wood and monochorme soft furnishing in this garden escape. Try some peastyle cushions to add some comfort to your precious sunbathing time. 

Family gatherings around a big expansive table where the kids can go free range is a massive bonus of summer time meals. This rustic chic dining area is full of gorgeousness don't you think? From the natural lamp shades to the table centrepieces - I want it all! If I lived here, I'm pretty sure I'd get good at making sourdough too (dreaming ..... )

Try peastyle's finishing touches with our lampshades and centrepieces to bring your indoor comforts outside.

Happy summer! enjoy those long evenings in your outdoor living spaces and remember to tag and share your outdoor spaces with us over on instagram

A room that has "wowed" me

I was asked recently by a magazine to describe a room that has particularly "wowed" me. It was pretty impossible to whittle it down to just one, there are just so many to choose from!

It prompted me to start writing short posts on my blog (something on my "to do" list for a while now!) this way I can share with you what inspires me, interiors that make my heart beat a little faster and ...... well other random (but hopefully interesting) things. 

So here goes, I'm a self confessed addict of Instagram, there are seemingly endless accounts full of heart-stoppingly gorgeous homes out there and it's probably my main source of interiors inspiration.

The houses and rooms that particularly draw me in are the effortlessly stylish Scandinavian ones, with their bright white walls, floor to ceiling windows and cozy log burners.

I have been regularly sharing my favourite shots over on Instagram  for a while now, tagging them with #peasshotoftheday. Enjoy swooning over some of them here or head over to my instagram feed for a fuller selection.