A room that has "wowed" me

I was asked recently by a magazine to describe a room that has particularly "wowed" me. It was pretty impossible to whittle it down to just one, there are just so many to choose from!

It prompted me to start writing short posts on my blog (something on my "to do" list for a while now!) this way I can share with you what inspires me, interiors that make my heart beat a little faster and ...... well other random (but hopefully interesting) things. 

So here goes, I'm a self confessed addict of Instagram, there are seemingly endless accounts full of heart-stoppingly gorgeous homes out there and it's probably my main source of interiors inspiration.

The houses and rooms that particularly draw me in are the effortlessly stylish Scandinavian ones, with their bright white walls, floor to ceiling windows and cozy log burners.

I have been regularly sharing my favourite shots over on Instagram  for a while now, tagging them with #peasshotoftheday. Enjoy swooning over some of them here or head over to my instagram feed for a fuller selection.